Sunday, November 15, 2009

Submission of Women Required for Survival and Profit

There is another group that relies on woman submission for its survival—similar to the Christian community. No, I am not speaking of the Muslim community, although they also rely on woman submission for survival.

“For SURVIVAL?” you ask.

Yes, survival. For many Christians, wife submission is right up there with salvation in importance. The good and godly behavior of husbands is dependent upon the submission of the wives. After all, they say husbands are wired to be leaders and the authority in their homes. According to the rhetoric, a husband doesn’t feel like a man if his wife doesn’t submit. Church would have to be cancelled because many husbands would be in jail for committing domestic violence when they tried to enforce their authority. Like as not, the pastors would be in jail, too, since clergy and faith leaders are the number 1 perpetrators of spousal abuse. Apparently, without the submission of wives, many husbands are incapable of producing evidence of having the Fruit of the Spirit. Without fruit, there is no church. Unless we have all female churches.

Another group has a similar dilemma. They, too, rely on female submission. Without it, a whole billion dollar industry would collapse.

The industry? P*rn.

In April I saw this article by Shane Ersland in the Daily Iowan that pointed to the submissive roles of women in p*rn films:

“An Expert Says Women’s submissive roles in p’orn films adversely affect today’s society.” Robert Jensen showed “The Price of Pleasure: P’ornography, S’exuality, and Relationships” at an event sponsored by the University of Iowa sociology department and by the Women’s Resource and Action Center. He pointed out that p’orn is used by men to pleasure themselves. Ersland commented that females in the film were “often put in disrespectful and submissive positions.”

Both Ersland and Jensen are right, men pleasure themselves at the expense of women. But this is not only true of the p*rn industry, it is also true in so-called Christian families and churches.

Something is dreadfully wrong when both the p’orn industry and churches rely on the humiliation and submission of women in order to survive. Both groups do little to nothing to combat the degradation of women. Prostitution also uses the submission and degradation of women. Similar to pastors who insist women must remain with their abusers, pimps lock women into their degrading lifestyles, and p*rn makers refuse to hire or pay women who insist on respectful depictions of women.

How does the submission of women profit these industries? The p*rn and prostitution industries make huge monetary profits and are rife with male power. Similarly, the church industry profits with huge gains in male power for both clergy and for husbands, and also profits with monetary benefits. Without submissive wives bearing children and bringing them to church, there would be no next generation(s) for pastors to fleece.

Could it be that if pastors did not emphasize the submission of women, MEN would refuse to come to church and put money in the offering plate?
According to Mark Driscoll, who emphasizes wife submission, getting men into the church is everything. (see: ) Driscoll says if a pastor gets young men into his church, he gets the men, their wives, their children, and their money. If you don’t get the men, (meaning if you only get women and children?) you get nothing.

In order to get the men, then, women must submit so the family will stay together and go to church. Apparently Driscoll thinks a divorced husband is less likely to bring his children to church--and part with his money.

So one could say the men running po'rn industry, the prostitution industry, and the church are all vying for power and for men's money. And the submission of women is required to achieve that goal.

Waneta Dawn is the author of "Behind the Hedge, A novel,"a story about a woman who grapples with her husband's demands that she submit--no matter what. Please visit


  1. Oh Waneta, you should RUN with this, this is Good! I added you to my 'follow' list, I am So behind in doing that, I had some followers who I have been meaning to add myself too and I didn't, I really need to Work on that...I write a lot [too much here lately, need to get Off the web, LOL] but I don't let others know I read them, but I saw this when I added you and like, WOW,

    because I have seen this correlation and have written about it and So many don't GET IT. I am going to bookmark this and add it to my blog, to the Pedophilia series I did a while back.

    Good analysis, really good. I am So glad you are writing this blog.



  2. Jane,
    I think it is very difficult for those who are priviledged to see that they maintain their status by crushing others. Some see it and actually rejoice that it is so. They think it makes them feel more "manly." I guess they think Manly and bully or manly and selfish are synonomous.

    It is even difficult for many who are kept under the feet of others to see that this is so. In this group, some do see it, and declare that it is right and as God intended.

    So sad.