Friday, November 20, 2009

Benefits that are Mere Pottage

Ok, I get it. Males have a vested interest in forcing women to stay married, even to abusers. Think of all the benefits they would lose if they encouraged abused wives to leave and even divorce their husbands. Their OWN wives could decide to divorce them for some made up infraction. (according to them and their viewpoint.) And then they wouldn’t have anyone to cook their meals, to wash their clothes, to order around, to raise their children, to put down so they can feel superior, to clean their houses, to dump the work load onto.

To keep this benefit, they will twist scripture and repeat the twisting over and over—like the mainstream media—in order to keep at least one foot securely on the head of their own wives, ready to crush their wives at the slightest “provocation.” The other foot they keep on the heads of Other Male’s Wives, so their own wives won’t get any ideas about freeing themselves from oppression.

The males are at war, practicing terrorism in their own homes and churches. And just like Obama, the majority of women continue to deny it. The truth is just too horrific to handle.

A study says 44% of women have experienced some form of domestic violence in their adult lifetime. That is nearly half of all women, and it assumes the women know what domestic abuse is. Yet women remain in their rose-colored glasses, still insisting that wife submission will heal marital woes, still blaming the women, still insisting if males just become Christians or rededicate their lives to the Lord, they will stop abusing their wives. Yet the very church doctrine the males rededicate themselves to teaches husband authority and fosters abuse.

With church doctrine like that, I can see why so many woman reject both their churches and Christ. Why belong to Christ, if doing so brings the same misery one could expect when one belongs to Satan?

Why do our churches act as if the fruit of the Spirit applies only to women? Do they not know that those who do not bear Christ’s fruit, are not connected to the Vine, and if they are not connected to the Vine they are spiritually dead? Why does the church act as if the command in Romans 12:1-2 applies to women only? When are males going to start being a living sacrifice, being kind and forgiving? When are males going to stop picking out the scriptures they can twist into domination commandments, while ignoring the clearly spelled out Christ-like behaviors they are commanded to practice?

Why are women in these churches still marrying? With a prognosis of life-long misery, it makes more sense to utilize the sperm bank if one wants children. Then a woman never has to worry about her husband using the children to control her, about her husband turning the children against her, or about her husband damaging her children. Frankly, feminists have legitimate arguments against males, and very good reason for despising Christians.

What are we as Christians going to do about it?

Oh, of course! The usual! Males must maintain their benefits at all costs—even at the cost of their own salvation. They, like Esau, are selling their birthright for a bowl of pottage.

Waneta Dawn is the author of "Behind the Hedge, A novel,"a story about a woman who grapples with her husband's demands that she submit--no matter what. Please visit


  1. Wow!!!!

    I didn't know anyone could be this accurate and intelligent!

    Keep up the good stuff because I have just subscribed to it.

    Gene Scarborough
    Bath, NC

  2. Gene, welcome to my blog! And thanks for your encouragement. I find it wonderful to "meet" men who are willing to see scripture without those male-rule, male-entitlement glasses, and who speak up when other males denigrate women.

    God bless!