Monday, November 22, 2010

Someone has to be in Charge--by Hannah

Hannah, @ Emotional Abuse and your Faith" makes excellent points in her recent article “Someone has to be in Charge.” She points out that men tend to think when there is mutuality between themselves and their wives that the man is a doormat. However, that is their male perspective, not the truth. They twist their perspective to say that women feel like doormats if they are not in charge. They seem to have no comprehension that mutuality means no one is a doormat and no human is in charge. Instead, Jesus is in charge.

She points out that we all are commanded to be humble, and that the husbands who insist they are in charge are lacking in humility. They are demanding to be “recognized properly.”

Hannah points out that both women and Honorable Men see this lack of humility as arrogance. “When others call them on this 'attitude' that is seen as arrogance?  They seem to try to justify themselves.” They claim their behavior and attitude lines up with God's word. However, “Male domination is in their own interest, and they tend to try to downplay that.  I mean how often do you see humble servants reminding everyone else they get the last word? The contradiction comes when they have to remind others WHO the top dog is!”

Hannah compares the authority that these men display with the authority of Jesus. Jesus didn't have to remind people to obey him or to treat him as top dog. People followed his leadership voluntarily because he taught as one who had authority, not as the scribes and pharisees. It seems the husband authorities of this age teach like the scribes and pharisees did, lifting themselves up instead of lifting our Triune God up. They lack love, mercy and compassion, just like the scribes and pharisees did.
But read the article for yourselves @

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